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Mirage Brown Commercial

Lets be truthful, people judge you by how your home looks and we can honestly say that homeowners with Mirage Brown cork tiles, are the creme de la creme of society. Maybe not exactly, but by choosing a eco-friendly product, with a rich bold pattern, shows your conviction to the environment and just plain good taste. This tile features 4 layers of matte varnish, 4.8mm thickness and formaldehyde free manufacturing.

Agglopure, Greenguard

100% Natural Cork. Veneer Layer on some designs

Additional information

Dimensions 12 x 12 in

5/16″ approx. (8mm)

Installation Type


Surface Finish

4 layer elastic acrylic matte with ceramic bead varnish, UV cured


36 sq. ft. per carton/36 pcs.


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